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what is my home worth

The most important question for homeowners who are considering selling their home is What is my home worth?  Real Estate sites like Zillow and Realtor.com have sophisticated algorithms to estimate the value of a home, but apart from the fact that the assessments from sites like these are based almost exclusively on public records, tax assessments, and recent sales, nothing beats getting the true value of your home from a Realtor.

Get started here with a Jacksonville Realtor to help answer the question “What is my home worth?”  Your detailed, zero-obligation home value report will be based on real knowledge of the real estate market in Jacksonville and will include:

  • A current estimated value of your home
  • The change in value of your home over the last month/year
  • Detailed descriptions of comparable homes in the Jacksonville area that affect your home’s value
  • The median estimated home value of homes in your area and how your home compares
  • Resources for homeowners considering selling their homes

A Jacksonville Realtor has a unique understanding of the Jacksonville real estate market that a computer simply does not have.  While a computer can pull in a massive amount of information to provide a home value, they still can’t step inside of your home to see improvements you’ve made and tell you what your home is truly worth.  Nor can they tell you what other improvements have been made to comparable homes which are affecting the current market value of your home.  Be sure to use a Jacksonville Realtor to find out what your home is worth.  The true value of your home is critical for a successful listing.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with a North Florida Homes Realtor, please contact us.  We also have helpful resources for home sellers.  Be sure to check out our resources page.